Notice To Website Developers & Investors

Thank you for your interest in being a Developer or Investor with has been on line since 1994 and there has always been great interest in this domain name.  We also own,, and have the Twitter handle of @Pricecheck. has its greatest levels of interest in Ukraine, Russia, Africa, India, the United Kingdom, South Africa and New York & California in the United States.

You are either a Developer or Investor, and like many, you may see great opportunity for these domain names and we agree, there is great opportunity.  We have explored many.

The challenge with, is that the opportunity is international and can encompass many industry interests, based on its internationally understood meaning, so it requires some very BIG thinkers.

If you are interested in developing the assets after reading this, here is what we suggest.......

.....Contact the company that you believe could fund or develop, and take the greatest advantage of these domain names and approach them with the idea and the name at the same time.  Budget into your proposal USD $5,000,000.00 payable to Pricecheck Services Limited for the sale of the domains in relation to whatever your proposed idea is.

We don't want to hear your idea for confidentiality reasons. This is between your potential developers and investors, your great idea, and you.

When you find and have secured this opportunity with your potential investors and developers, please contact us and we can discuss the opportunity with you at that time.

We do look forward to hearing from you when you have your investors and your idea secured and ready to negotiate, so we can then discuss a relationship of whatever your proposal is.

We hope this works for you, your potential investors and developers, and for us and look forward to hearing from you at that time.

Thank you again for your interest in developing whatever it is you want to develop with the domain.

Sincerely from your Associates at PRICECHECK.COM

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