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 Sub-Saharan Africa Retailers.

About Kampala;Five mile range market has 17,500 residents, earning  average annual income  of 11840000ugs= CAD $3.250.00*, 34% or 5,950 people are entrepreneurs, and subsistence farm. Population more than 16 years= 52.5% of population. About 4,450 people own smartphones and majority are aged 20-35. Language is Lunganda and English.
When you require marketing assistance to buy or sell in Sub-Saharan Africa, contact Reagan Opio at or
Mailing Address. P.O. Box 24406, Kampala, Uganda.

*1 Uganda Shilling (UGX) = 0.00036 Canadian Dollars (CAD). June 13, 2019.

Bowls- Hand made with traditional tools from banana straws called Njulu. About  8"/20cm long X 4"/10cm high. Various colours and we can cater to some color variations.

Our Opening Order Featured Item.

Mats. Handmade from arecacea leaves called 'Ensansa'. Length 43,4"/110cmX63"/160cm  A variety of patterns and we can cater to some color choices.
KAMPALA lantern. Handmade from sculp metals collected from garbage and capillary tubes from cotton clothes. Length 3"/7cmX1.6"/4cm
Each USD $3.30 plus mailing
Congratulations Reagan Opio, on your two year scholarship at International University of East Africa with Tuition Fees paid by Truly Global. It is an honor to know you Reagan. All the best with your continued journey. Your Associates at PRICECHECK.COM